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Effects of Nutrients on Postprandial Lipemia

[ Vol. 9 , Issue. 3 ]


Denis Lairon and Catherine Defoort   Pages 309 - 312 ( 4 )


Numerous factors including diet, lifestyle conditions, genetic background and physio-pathological conditions modulate the amplitude and time-courses of postprandial changes in humans. This review focuses on dietary factors affecting postprandial lipemia and lipoproteins metabolism in humans. The known effects of amount or type of fat, carbohydrate, protein and fiber are summarized. Changing the habitual dietary pattern can also alter the postprandial response. This review highlights that postprandial metabolism is a key link between dietary pattern and cardiovascular health or risk.


Cardiovascular risk, chylomicrons, humans, nutrients, nutrition, postprandial lipemia, postprandial metabolism, fatty acids, genetic polymorphisms, hypertriglyceridemia, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease


INRA, 1260 Lipid Nutrients and Prevention of Metabolic Diseases, INSERM, 1025, Faculte de Medecine, 27 Bd Jean Moulin, 13385 Marseille Cedex 05, France.

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