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Microparticles as Biomarkers of Vascular Dysfunction in Metabolic Syndrome and its Individual Components

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 3 ]


Abdelali Agouni, Ramaroson Andriantsitohaina and Maria C. Martinez   Pages 483 - 492 ( 10 )


Heterogeneous in size (0.1-1 µm), microparticles are small membrane vesicles released from activated and/or apoptotic cells. Although described since 1967 by Wolf [1], it is only since the 1990’s that microparticles have been considered as biomarkers as well as potential mediators of biological messages between cells [2] by acting as paracrine and endocrine vectors. Detection of microparticles has been performed in biological fluids (blood, synovial fluid, saliva for instance) and some solid tissues but also from the culture medium [3]. Levels of circulating microparticles are enhanced in a large number of pathological states including cardiovascular and metabolic disorders associated with insulin resistance and this has been linked to deleterious effects on cells from the vascular wall, mainly, endothelial cells. This review highlights the increasing impact of microparticles in major cardiovascular pathological situations associated with metabolic derangements.


Diabetes, endothelium, extracellular vesicles, hypertension, obesity.


INSERM, U1063, Stress oxydant et pathologies metaboliques, Universite d’Angers, Rue des Capucins, Angers, F-49100, France.

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