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Non-dipping Status in Arterial Hypertension: An Overview

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 3 ]


Maria Sarigianni, Konstantinos Dimitrakopoulos and Apostolos Tsapas   Pages 527 - 536 ( 10 )


Non-dipping is a common pattern of arterial hypertension and it is associated with increased cardiovascular risk. Use of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, as suggested in recent guidelines, could further increase its prevalence among subjects with hypertension. In this review we discuss assessment, relevance and associated factors. Non-dipping could be addressed through chronotherapy, the use of specific classes of anti-hypertensives, such as renin-angiotensin blockers, or modification of associated factors. However, more data are needed in order to comprehensively estimate factors associated with non-dipping and how they could be modified.


Arterial hypertension, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, blood pressure, cardiovascular risk factor, chronotherapy, night time blood pressure, non-dipping.


Assistant Professor of Medicine, Metabolic Diseases Unit, 2nd Medical Department, Ippokratio Hospital Thessaloniki, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

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