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p66 Shc as the Engine of Vascular Aging

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 6 ]


Francesco Paneni and Francesco Cosentino   Pages 697 - 699 ( 3 )


The present work is addressing the latest advances made in understanding the molecular mechanisms of vascular aging. Increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is the common denominator of vascular aging, endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis. ROS are generated by different intracellular molecular pathways. In view of its role in determining the redox state of the cells and their responses to free radicals, mitochondrial p66Shc protein has been regarded as part of a putative transduction pathway relevant to endothelial integrity. Future efforts should translate our knowledge of the mechanisms of aging and its interaction with risk factors into the development of new therapeutic strategies to prevent age-associated cardiovascular disease.


p66Shc, aging, endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress


Department of Clinical & Molecular Medicine, University "Sapienza", Ospedale Sant'Andrea, 00189 Rome, Italy.

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